Quaker: Integrated Advergame Campaign

Project Details

Client: Quaker
My Role: Creative Director, Art Director
Budget: $1mm ad spend and $100K dev
Flight Schedule: 6 Months
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator and MS Office
www: quakeroats.com

Services Provided

  • Brand Advertising
  • Concept and Ideation
  • Wireframes, workflow diagrams and mockups
  • Custom game design and development
  • Social media marketing
  • Standard and Rich Media IAB ad units
  • Source third-party developer and manage project end-to-end
  • Manage budgets and deliverables across multiple media types and flight dates

Project Take-Aways

Clear communication and Agile development practices worked very well to help meet tight time constraints on this complex campaign- Dale Cody (Creative Director)

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The Challenge

Convert a $1mm RFP into a signed contract by designing and executing an innovative high profile ad campaign for Quaker Oats that would leverage social media, BrandBoost and games.

Create a unique interactive ad campaign that would align with Quaker's brand positioning strategies and specific target demographics. Leverage social media, games and other rich media to build awareness and loyalty around the Quaker brand.

During my tenure as Creative Director at WildTangent, we routinely received RFPs with spend levels at or above $1 million and Quaker fit this bill. In order to win the business and launch a successful campaign, we had to create something unique and innovative that matched the budget, flight dates, brand positioning and our own expertise. We wanted to create something that would engage users in ways and for times far beyond expectations normally seen in advertising campaigns.


Our solution was to create a Game Hub with 8 separate mini-games as well as product videos and other elements where users could explore, play and engage with the Quaker brand in the same way they would with a pure online gaming experience. Traffic drivers also included IAB standard and rich media ad units, BrandBoost and social media. The name we settled on was Quaker's Everday Epic Adventure.

WildTangent has limited in-house resources for developing games so in most cases we sourced and partnered with third-party development partners around the globe. Establishing and building a robust network of partners was the result of many years effort, but the dividends were fantastic. Our ability to produce literally dozens of Advergames simultaneously would not have been possible without such a dependable network.

Conceptually, our solution tied in to daily familial activities and meals beginning with breakfast. We wanted to create a rich and engaging environment using buildings, businesses and recreation facilities (parks etc) that an average family with kids might experience as they went through their day. Most importantly, each mini-game needed to be fun. Secondarily we wanted them to reflect familiar places and activities for the target audience. These were represented by games involving shopping, cooking, bike riding and more.

Once we designed the games and received go ahead from the client, we built the hub first and then staggered development and launch of individual games and assets. This made the development schedule more manageable but more importantly gave users incentive to keep coming back in order to play new games as they became available. This gave the campaign a much longer shelf life and kept numbers high for the entire life of the campaign. We also leveraged other media and mechanisms to drive traffic and interest without a major investment in time or resources.


Quaker's Everday Epic Adventure was a huge hit with both the client and the community by any and all measures. We received strong traffic and high engagement rates via a number of established metrics.

The campaign was a massive success by all the metrics that Quaker had established as well as many they did not anticipate. My preference is always to under promise and then over deliver. This campaign definitely met that criteria. We had very high numbers for all metrics including CTRs, video completion rates and time spent playing. We met all deadlines and budget constraints without sacrificing quality or playability in any way.

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