AT&T: Integrated Email Campaign

Project Details

Client: AT&T
My Role: Creative Director, Art Director
Budget: +/- $6.5 Million
Flight Schedule: Ongoing
Tools: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, PowerPoint

Services Provided

  • Brand Advertising and Marketing
  • Concept and Ideation
  • Wireframes, Mock-ups & Design
  • Custom Email Design & Delivery
  • Design Guidelines & Standards
  • Work with Accounts Team to Leverage Capabilities & Opportunities for Client
  • Employ User-centered Design and Testing Methodologies (CAN-SPAM etc)

Project Take-Aways

A highly targeted email campaign was the perfect analog and successor to traditional print mail campaigns that the agency had been supplying to AT&T - Dale Cody (Creative Director)

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ATT Email

The challenge

Strategically add interactive products to agency's traditional DMDR offerings

Design and deliver innovative interactive products and branded email campaigns for 3 of AT&T's primary product marketing groups: U-Verse, Drive2Retail and WinBack.

Draft FCB - HackerGoup is one of the largest, most profitable Direct Response agencies on the west coast. As Associate Creative Director for Interactive I built the team and spearheaded opportunities to deliver new interactive capabilities & products. Email marketing was one of the first online products that aligned strategically with client needs and the agency's expertise in traditional print media.


We worked closely with AT&T's different product marketing groups to create innovative solutions that aligned with individual messaging and provided brand distinction, but still adhered to overall AT&T brand guidelines. We designed and delivered regular ongoing email campaigns as well as Landing Pages and Micro-sites where appropriate.

AT&T was a wonderful, but challenging client to work with, if only by virtue of its sheer size and scale. Email marketing was a close analog to the agency's work in traditional print media so I worked closely with the copywriters, art directors and accounts teams to move effectively into this area as a first step. As part of this initiative I drafted style and technical guidelines as well as conducted workshops to assist in this area. We had a very talented and dedicated team that more than rose to the challenge and consistently delivered creative solutions that the client love and that got results.


As a mechanism for Awareness, Lead Generation, Acquisition, Conversion or Retention, our email campaigns were strong performers and AT&T was thrilled with the results.

We typically enjoyed open rates far above the industry standard 19.5% as well as click throughs (CTR's) and conversion rates well in excess of 6.64% and 1.73% respectively. We were able to understand and synthesize the different needs of AT&T's sub-categories into marketing vehicles that customers and prospective customers liked and that consistently performed at very high levels.

Image Examples

ATT Email

Screenshot of ATT Email for Drive to Retail

ATT Email

Screenshot of ATT Email for Drive to Retail