I’ve been an award-winning Creative Director– for more than 16 years in both client and agency roles. In that time I’ve had the good fortune to work and collaborate with some of the most amazing and talented creatives you’ll ever run across. They make my concepts and ideas come to life and they’re true partners in every sense of the word. In return, I’ve also been able to guide, nurture, coach and mentor and that is tremendously satisfying to me. No one works in a vacuum. Whether it’s a million dollar ad campaign or a  five million dollar software solution, these projects all require the contributions and energies of many talented people. In that respect, my role as a Creative Director is akin to that of a Film Director or Orchestra Conductor. I’m also grateful to have had the opportunity to work with dozens of Fortune 500 companies as well as numerous smaller organizations and non-profits. People who pay me to be creative and that is absolutely something to be grateful for.




Case Study : Fanta Advergame

Fanta AdvergameFanta Advergame
Fanta Advergame 02Fanta Advergame 02
Fanta Advergame 3Fanta Advergame 3
Fanta Advergame 4Fanta Advergame 4
Fanta Advergame 5Fanta Advergame 5
Fanta Advergame 6Fanta Advergame 6



WildTangent is a huge online casual games network with more than 3.500 titles and approximately 200 million monthly unique visitors. It also monetized through a proprietary interactive advertising platform called BrandBoost.

SITUATION Soft drink giant Fanta came to WildTangent with a proposed ad spend in excess of a million dollars providing we could come up with a never-been-done-before concept that leveraged our expertise in online gaming and advertising to connect their brand with a new audience in measurable ways.

ACTION We conducted market research and needs analysis that included a development budget and timeline to deploy. Our solution was to create an immersive 3D “disc tossing” game where users could play both solo and with friends through various modes of cooperation and competition. Game play with others could be simultaneous or asynchronous and the game could be accessed anytime through various social media channels (i.e. Facebook) or a destination website. The WildTangent team worked closely with executives at Fanta as well as various third-party vendors building or supplying component parts. Users were incentivized and rewarded in a number of ways that encouraged participation and sharing.

RESULT This was a really complex project to create, but we came in on time and within budget during a phased approach that added levels and gameplay elements over time. This not allowed us to launch sooner, but it encouraged users to check-in and return often. The result was that we blew through all the client’s stated performance metrics and many more besides. The game proved long-lived and popular with the audience, the media and the advertiser.